9 Actions You Need to Take to Find the Best Bargains on Black Friday

Black FridayAny experienced Black Friday shopper will tell you that having a game plan is essential. Showing up at the stores and expecting to find exactly what you want, among the sea of products and other shoppers, just does not work. Instead of letting you flounder, we have compiled a list of nine tips to make sure you get the best bargains on Black Friday.

1. Look at the advertisements. Most stores are going to put out advertisements about what kinds of sales they are going to have on Black Friday. Even if you have no idea what you want to look for, look through these ads and start making a list. AT&T 2014 ads for this Black Friday includes a wide selection of mobile devices. Prioritize that list, especially if there are sales that have time constraints. Once you’ve woken up from your turkey-induced afternoon nap, work this up to act as the basis of your Black Friday plan.

2. Check out Black Friday apps. “There’s an app for that,” isn’t just a saying. There really are apps for Black Friday. Not only do they help you find what stores are running sales on the items you most want, they also help you find the shortest driving routes between all of the stores you want to hit and even ensure that the product you’re buying at one store is not actually cheaper at another store.

3. Research, research, research. Going into the biggest shopping day of the year blind is never a good idea. Black Friday is a great time to get a super deal on Christmas presents, either for yourself or others. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone this year be sure to check out 2014 Verizon Wireless Black Friday sale and grab the best bargain before they are gone. Or you can make a list of what you want to buy, and then research stores that are going to be having sales on those items. Also, research the store’s policies and what last year’s Black Friday experience was like.

4. Compare prices. One of the benefits of doing research is that you might find two stores running a sale on the same item. Obviously, you want to hit the store that is offering the better deal on Black Friday. There are online price comparison tools that will help you find the real best price. When comparing prices, be sure to read the fine print. Some stores will make it look like a full product is on sale, while in reality, it is only part of what you really want or need.

5. The early bird gets the worm. Stores have started opening earlier and earlier. In the past, it was midnight after Thanksgiving. Now, some stores will even open Thanksgiving night, to give those willing to venture out on a Holiday an early shot at all the great deals. If a store is offering a special sale or opening on Thanksgiving, it will likely be in their advertisement.

6. Take the advertisements to the store with you. Picking up the Thanksgiving edition of the paper to get a look at the advertisements is always a good idea. It’s also a good idea to take those ads to the store with you when you go—even if the ads aren’t for that store. Many stores guarantee that they have the lower prices, so if you found a lower one in another store’s ad, they will likely either split the difference, or give you the lower price. Don’t be afraid to print off online or email advertisements, either. Chances are you may find some cool online only Sprint Black Friday 2014 sale on an authorized store. Bring them to a local store and see if they will match the price. You may also combine them with promo code to maximize the saving.

7. Know what the store offers. Fewer and fewer stores are making it easy to return things, especially things bought on sale. If you are taking a gamble, buying something for someone that you are not sure they will like, maybe skip buying it on Black Friday if your store as reigned in their return policy.

8. Get a gift receipt. Most people use Black Friday as a way to get a ton of Christmas shopping done in a short amount of time and for less money. If some of your Black Friday shopping is going to be done for others, don’t be afraid to ask for a gift receipt. This makes it easy for someone to return the gift if it just isn’t their speed. This isn’t really going to inconvenience the store any more than a normal receipt and makes gift-giving much easier.

9. Pay with a credit card. While you don’t want to ring up a huge bill that you can’t pay, using a credit card and paying it off immediately, instead of using cash or a debit card, gives you extra protection when it comes to things like return policies. If a store drops prices on a produce even more over the next couple of days or weeks, some credit cards will actually refund the difference in sale prices. Some even extend the manufacturer’s warranty.

AT&T Promo Code

at&t promo code
Shopping for a wireless provider can be confusing at best. There are the big companies, and there is a whole host of companies which are essentially re-marketers of the big companies services. There are tons of promotions going on from various retailers. They have different names and gimmicks, but they use the same technical facilities and their rate plans are similar. Consumers can use AT&T coupon codes for up to $600 saving on a brand new phone.

Originally founded in 1885 as American Telephone & Telegraph, a subsidiary of Alexander Graham Bell’s Bell Telephone,today, AT&T is the largest provider of mobile telephone services in the United States. There are good reasons that AT&T is the largest, and those reasons are the very points which should affect your decision when choosing a mobile carrier.

  • The Fairest and Most Flexible Rate Plans
  • You don’t have to switch plans when you upgrade
  • With AT&T Mobile Share you can add devices to your plan easily at anytime
  • Your plan can cover phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and gaming devices
  • Family plans make it easy to get one low rate for many different users
  • The coupon works for new, upgrade, and add a line

Use AT&T Promo Codes to Buy New Phones
AT&T always has the latest devices from the world’s leading manufacturers
There are several different ways to upgrade equipment, even in the middle of a contract
Often you can trade in your old gear, quickly with just a few steps, online or at an AT&T service center. In addition to the very latest devices, AT&T often offers recent models, completely refurbished, at lower prices. Apply the code at checkout to get the saving. Sometimes, there is no coupon needed. You simply get the discount price upfront. Check out the new Samsung Galaxy S5 below:

As a wireless subscriber, you’ll be eligible for U-Verse offers and benefits; using U-Verse high speed internet to connect all your wireless devices enables you to save your wireless data for when you really need it.

Use at&t Coupon Codes to Lower Your Bills
You’ll have access to your AT&T account 24/7 at ATT.com. Pay your bill, check usage, upgrade services, or purchase new hardware, it’s all available to you to shop from your home or office at your convenience. There’s no need to plan a special trip to the store. Besides the typical promo on mobile devices, AT&T also offers special deals for corporate employee. Check with your current employer to get the code for these special promotions. Customer service is also available live by mobile, or live by internet chat. AT&T’s customer service reps are always there are ready to help you with billing or plan questions, additional information about other services, or to order new or replacement equipment.

Use Dicount Codes for Better Coverage
With the nation’s most reliable 4G coverage, you’ll get lightning fast downloads of data, music, or streaming videos. No dropouts or pauses on the network. Everything you do with a smartphone is easier with AT&T.

Out and about near home? You’ll save data charges by having access to thousands of AT&T Hot Spots all over the United States, at hotels, restaurants, McDonalds, Starbucks, and many, many other locations. You can easily locate Hot Spots right from the AT&T app on your mobile device.

Away from home? On the other side of the planet for business or pleasure? AT&T offers you global roaming in 225 countries and data access in 210 countries, and more devices that connect internationally than any other mobile provider.

Get Additional Savings with AT&T Promotion Code
The latest in innovation is always available with AT&T devices. Their leading technology allows you to talk and surf at the same time. Minutes in AT&T plans don’t disappear, they are there to use with the Rollover feature, for up to twelve billing periods. The minutes you didn’t use this month will be available to use in months when you go over plan. Unlimited mobile to mobile calling, anywhere in the US is available to you at no charge when you sign up for money saving unlimited messaging plans. Unlimited messaging and unlimited calls to any mobile, a perfect combination. Apply the at&t promo code at att.com or its authorized online retailer to get the maximum amount of discount.

With the latest devices, flexible plans, the most reliable 4G network and thousands of hot spots, there’s no reason to consider any other carrier than AT&T. Enjoy the limited time promotion from att!

Verizon Wireless Promo Code 2017

Updated Verizon Wireless Coupons for May 2016

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Promotion: Get up to 4 Galaxy smartphones for free
  • All New HTC One M8 Coupon Code: Buy one get one free today
  • $100 bill credit on any smartphone you buy
  • Last Day for Free Overnight Shipping promotion
  • No coupon code required: Verizon Ellipsis 7 Tablet is free plus 1 GB of bonus data for life
  • Share 10GB of data for just $40 per line
  • Verizon coupons available for smartphones, basic phones, and tablets.

The recent rise of Verizon Wireless has certainly made news lately, especially with its recent media campaign consisting of commercials showing the advantages the company brings to the field. From low rates to nationwide coverage, Verizon Wireless has certainly made a compelling case for being the best cell phone provider in the US. Known as “Big Red” Verizon Wireless offers a number of advantages for its customers along with a very straightforward and simple system that is easy to understand. For many, Verizon is the best choice for their needs and offers the best promo codes among major wireless carriers.

Verizon Wireless
Coverage: Arguably the most compelling reason to switch to Verizon Wireless is the coverage. Verizon Wireless has the largest coverage area in the US by far with over 98% of all Americans having access to the network. Verizon has spent years building up this coverage and the result is that they offer more than anyone else which is perfect for those that live in rural areas where fewer options exist.

4G LTE Promotion: The famous 4G LTE coverage is also quite impressive with over 500 markets currently offering the system. That means that over 95% of all Americans now have access to 4G LTE coverage for their internet needs. The other 3% have 3G coverage, but Verizon is working to close that gap. Currently, 4G is considered the best internet service for smartphones and mobile devices. Verizon Wireless has managed to become arguably the leading 4G provider for this particular service. This means that your smartphones and mobile devices will operate faster, making internet access more convenient for your needs.

Discount Prices: Verizon Wireless is unique in that it offers a simple, straightforward pricing model that offers plenty of options for its customers. While some of the plans vary in price, there is a “Share Everything” plan that offers a relatively small monthly fee for each smartphone that offers unlimited talk and text. You can add to that plan by increasing the number of GBs per month to fit your needs. This makes Verizon one of the more unusual companies in the marketplace, but also one of the best in terms of their pricing structure. For the average smartphone user, 2GB of data each month is about right. This means that you will have to do a bit of budgeting, but overall the flexibility of the plan will certainly work with most families. This means if some use their smartphones more than others, you can make the right adjustments to pay for everyone’s bill. Be sure to use Verizon Wireless promo code for additional savings on the latest smartphones.

Contract-Free is the new Verizon Wireless Promotion: The Share Everything plan does come with a two-year contract, much like many other carriers provide. However, Verizon does offer a contract free option with an early upgrade. This means that Verizon Edge will allow you to exchange your phone for a new one every six months if you wish. The Edge offer will split the retail price of the new smartphone into 24 payments, one each month, and add it to your Share Everything plan. Once six months have passed, which means that you have paid on at least half the phone, you can trade it in for a new smartphone if you wish. In addition, you can also leave Verizon as well at any time with no obligation other than the remaining balance that is due on your bill. For those who do not like fees that punish you for leaving contracts, the contract-free option by Verizon is certainly quite attractive. Apply the promo code at check out to get bonus offers.

Upgrade and Add a Line Promotion on All Phones: Basically, Verizon Wireless carries a wide range of different phones for their plans. This means that if you want to use the new Samsung Galaxy series, iPhone, iPad, HTC One or other types of phones both new and refurbished, Verizon Wireless can probably accommodate your needs. The number of phones that Verizon currently serves is certainly impressive, as it includes a number of different manufactures that include Droid, Windows Phones, Nokia Lumina, BlackBerrys and more. Although, you will want to check with Verizon first if you have an unusual phone, such as one that is quite old or rare. Another bonus is that if you want to take your laptop along, you can find many cheap or even free mobile spots to link with your Share Everything plan as well. This is certainly an impressive service from Verizon and one of the best that you can find.

Customer Service: Certainly one of the best aspects to Verizon Wireless is their customer service department. Perhaps because they offer a contract-free option, Verizon certainly seems to understand that keeping its customers happy is a priority. For those who currently use Verizon, there is certainly a great number of hubs where they can get fast service in case they have a question, validate a promo code, want to review their bill, explore other options and so forth.

In addition, Verizon Wireless offers a live chat service online as well, in case you do not want to call and instead go to their website. Also, you can use their email service to send in a question or request and take advantage of Verizon’s extensive social media network to contact customer service in that manner. Verizon provides you with plenty of options so that you can get quick responses to what you need. Eligible customers may be also provided with a special coupon for use on selected mobile phones.

Verizon Wireless Coupon Codes Offer the Best Discount

Although Verizon Wireless offers many advantages, it is the combination of great service, simple price structure, variety of phones and great customer service that puts this company above the competition. While Verizon can be a bit pricey for some depending on their needs, for most people the overall price structure is certainly low and competitive especially combined with a coupon code. Bottom line, you get what you pay for with cell phone or mobile device service and Verizon certainly offers a great deal of quality with what they have for their customers. For most people, Verizon will fit their needs as the cell and smartphone service they want and in fact, for many Verizon may be the only choice given their advantage in coverage area. Still, the impressive number of services include contract-free options make Verizon the choice for cell phone and mobile device services.

Sprint Promo Code 2017

Updated for April 2016:

  • Coupon for Samsung Galaxy S4: $49.99 after instant discount
  • Coupon for LG G2: just a penny with a new contract
  • Special Promotion: HTC One M8 on sale for just $199.99
  • All Android smartphones are on sale – no coupons required

Sprint is considered to be one the Top 4 cell phone companies and service providers in the United States. It is estimated that Sprint serves over 270 million customers and developed and deployed the very first 4G service in the country. Sprint offers many different plans and promotions with their cell phone service including pre-paid options and global capabilities. There are many benefits, and cell phones, that Sprint offers their customers that allow each individual to purchase a cell phone and service plan that fits their lifestyle.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Sprint Promo Code for 2016

Sprint’s newest introduction is their Family plan. This plan allows a customer to add up to 10 other users (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) to their Family plan in a tiered cost structure. The more individual users on the Family plan equates to a lower “per line” cost. Sprint currently advertises the Family plan at $55.00 for one line/one phone and the price is discounted for each new individual added. As an example, two lines/two phones lower the price to $50.00 per line. 4 lines/four phones lower the price to $40.00 per line. There is a new price structure depending on the amount of lines serviced by the Family plan. The plan includes unlimited talk and text along with 1 GB of data per month for each user. In additional to the plan saving, you can use available coupon codes to save even more on every phone purchase.

Spring offers the best possible cell phones and devices for their customers. They feature the Apple iPhone 5c, the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy S 4 all under $100 with a promo code. In addition, Sprint offers the newest cell phones like the LG G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at extremely competitive rates. Sprint also has a wide range of tablet choices like the Apple iPad Air and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Sprint has extremely reliable mobile hotspot devices including brands like Novatel and Zing Mobile. Use the latest Sprint promotion codes to get discount on all the cool phones and mobile devices.

In addition to their extremely popular devices and phones, Sprint also offers Pay As You Go phones and plans which have no contract, no deposit and no long term commitment. These phone start at prices around $50.00 and include trendy styles like the LG Optimus Elite. Plans for the Pay As You Go program start around $35.00 per month and offer great benefits for anyone looking for this type of service.

Sprint focuses on customer service and offers plans that will fit any lifestyle and any budget. The Unlimited, My Way plan is a flexible plan that provides customers many different options for their personalized cell phone plan. The base Unlimited, My Way plan includes unlimited talk and text and unlimited data starting at $50.00 per month. The Sprint My All In plan is an all inclusive plan offered by Sprint that provides the customer with everything they will need for full and complete coverage and use. The Sprint My All In plan provides unlimited talk, text, data and 5 GB hotspot data for a price of $110.00 per month.

Sprint offers amazing coverage through their highly developed infrastructure and provides their customers with many different options and choices for devices and plans. Sprint has shown a major commitment to customer service and satisfaction and should be considered a top choice when selecting a cell phone service provider. With new Sprint coupons for new and existing customers there are plenty of money to be saved for everyone. Watch out for promotions especially during holiday shopping season.

Here are some steps you can follow in order to maximize your saving:

  • Apply promo code before you submit the order to be processed.
  • Some discount codes may only work for certain types of devices or plan bundles
  • Use the coupon code on refurbished smartphones
  • If it’s a dollar amount off make sure the phone price is no less than the discount itself
  • If it’s a percentage off – the phone with the highest price will get you the biggest cash back