Verizon Wireless Promo Code 2017

Updated Verizon Wireless Coupons for May 2016

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The recent rise of Verizon Wireless has certainly made news lately, especially with its recent media campaign consisting of commercials showing the advantages the company brings to the field. From low rates to nationwide coverage, Verizon Wireless has certainly made a compelling case for being the best cell phone provider in the US. Known as “Big Red” Verizon Wireless offers a number of advantages for its customers along with a very straightforward and simple system that is easy to understand. For many, Verizon is the best choice for their needs and offers the best promo codes among major wireless carriers.

Verizon Wireless
Coverage: Arguably the most compelling reason to switch to Verizon Wireless is the coverage. Verizon Wireless has the largest coverage area in the US by far with over 98% of all Americans having access to the network. Verizon has spent years building up this coverage and the result is that they offer more than anyone else which is perfect for those that live in rural areas where fewer options exist.

4G LTE Promotion: The famous 4G LTE coverage is also quite impressive with over 500 markets currently offering the system. That means that over 95% of all Americans now have access to 4G LTE coverage for their internet needs. The other 3% have 3G coverage, but Verizon is working to close that gap. Currently, 4G is considered the best internet service for smartphones and mobile devices. Verizon Wireless has managed to become arguably the leading 4G provider for this particular service. This means that your smartphones and mobile devices will operate faster, making internet access more convenient for your needs.

Discount Prices: Verizon Wireless is unique in that it offers a simple, straightforward pricing model that offers plenty of options for its customers. While some of the plans vary in price, there is a “Share Everything” plan that offers a relatively small monthly fee for each smartphone that offers unlimited talk and text. You can add to that plan by increasing the number of GBs per month to fit your needs. This makes Verizon one of the more unusual companies in the marketplace, but also one of the best in terms of their pricing structure. For the average smartphone user, 2GB of data each month is about right. This means that you will have to do a bit of budgeting, but overall the flexibility of the plan will certainly work with most families. This means if some use their smartphones more than others, you can make the right adjustments to pay for everyone’s bill. Be sure to use Verizon Wireless promo code for additional savings on the latest smartphones.

Contract-Free is the new Verizon Wireless Promotion: The Share Everything plan does come with a two-year contract, much like many other carriers provide. However, Verizon does offer a contract free option with an early upgrade. This means that Verizon Edge will allow you to exchange your phone for a new one every six months if you wish. The Edge offer will split the retail price of the new smartphone into 24 payments, one each month, and add it to your Share Everything plan. Once six months have passed, which means that you have paid on at least half the phone, you can trade it in for a new smartphone if you wish. In addition, you can also leave Verizon as well at any time with no obligation other than the remaining balance that is due on your bill. For those who do not like fees that punish you for leaving contracts, the contract-free option by Verizon is certainly quite attractive. Apply the promo code at check out to get bonus offers.

Upgrade and Add a Line Promotion on All Phones: Basically, Verizon Wireless carries a wide range of different phones for their plans. This means that if you want to use the new Samsung Galaxy series, iPhone, iPad, HTC One or other types of phones both new and refurbished, Verizon Wireless can probably accommodate your needs. The number of phones that Verizon currently serves is certainly impressive, as it includes a number of different manufactures that include Droid, Windows Phones, Nokia Lumina, BlackBerrys and more. Although, you will want to check with Verizon first if you have an unusual phone, such as one that is quite old or rare. Another bonus is that if you want to take your laptop along, you can find many cheap or even free mobile spots to link with your Share Everything plan as well. This is certainly an impressive service from Verizon and one of the best that you can find.

Customer Service: Certainly one of the best aspects to Verizon Wireless is their customer service department. Perhaps because they offer a contract-free option, Verizon certainly seems to understand that keeping its customers happy is a priority. For those who currently use Verizon, there is certainly a great number of hubs where they can get fast service in case they have a question, validate a promo code, want to review their bill, explore other options and so forth.

In addition, Verizon Wireless offers a live chat service online as well, in case you do not want to call and instead go to their website. Also, you can use their email service to send in a question or request and take advantage of Verizon’s extensive social media network to contact customer service in that manner. Verizon provides you with plenty of options so that you can get quick responses to what you need. Eligible customers may be also provided with a special coupon for use on selected mobile phones.

Verizon Wireless Coupon Codes Offer the Best Discount

Although Verizon Wireless offers many advantages, it is the combination of great service, simple price structure, variety of phones and great customer service that puts this company above the competition. While Verizon can be a bit pricey for some depending on their needs, for most people the overall price structure is certainly low and competitive especially combined with a coupon code. Bottom line, you get what you pay for with cell phone or mobile device service and Verizon certainly offers a great deal of quality with what they have for their customers. For most people, Verizon will fit their needs as the cell and smartphone service they want and in fact, for many Verizon may be the only choice given their advantage in coverage area. Still, the impressive number of services include contract-free options make Verizon the choice for cell phone and mobile device services.